Anchor Hand Woven Wicker Rattan Champagne / Ice Tub


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Introducing our Anchor Hand Woven Rattan Champagne / Ice Tub, an ideal centerpiece for any social gathering or special event. Expertly crafted from premium quality rattan, this tub is hand-woven to ensure a robust and enduring base. The design of this tub is a true standout, adorned with a gleaming pewter anchor on one side. Traditionally, the anchor represents stability, security, and strong foundations, making this tub a fitting addition to any event where guests come together in a grounded and welcoming atmosphere. This tub is not only stylish and sophisticated in its appearance but also highly functional and versatile. Emphasizing sustainability, the use of eco-friendly materials ensures that the tub is both beautiful and considerate of the environment. The non-slip surface provided by the hand-woven rattan makes it easy to carry, and the removable acrylic insert simplifies cleaning. With a generous size of 13 inches across, the tub can comfortably accommodate an assortment of beverages, from chilled beer and wine to sparkling champagne and refreshing sodas. The removable acrylic insert keeps your drinks cool and within easy reach for your guests, enhancing the overall experience at your gathering.

Size: 11 Inches Tall x 13 Inches Across
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild, non-acidic soap. Rinse and let dry completely

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