Tamanohada Round Soap, Lavender


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Infused with pure essential oils of fig, lavender, gardenia, or rose, the smooth, almost-spherical soap (a slightly flat bottom to keep it still on the sink) rests naturally in your hands as would a fresh snowball. Perfect for sensitive skin, hands and body. It's texture is between liquid and milk, leaving a delicate moisturize protection and scent to your skin. Leaving your soap on a small dish will also perfume your bathroom. This soap is made from entirely plant based material. And thanks to its round shape, it could be easily rolled around in your hand and gives you a pleasant feeling. This soap is also excellent at moisturizing, cleaning and lathering during bath. It is well considered and designed to have a stable form, and does not oxidize easily. With the extravagant original perfume blend from this soap series, you would be surrounded with lovely and natural aroma from the originally used plant, while going out. During bath, and when you start rolling this soap in your hands, your bathroom will be also filled with this lovely and natural fragrance!

Measures; H:2.3" xØ:2.5"


Plant-based materials; RSPO* certified palm oil & pure essential oils.

*The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a non-profit that unites stakeholders from the palm oil industry to set and enforce standards for sustainable production, established in 2004 by entities including the World Wildlife Fund and Unilever. With over 5,000 members globally, RSPO has set environmental and social criteria to mitigate palm oil's adverse effects on the environment, wildlife, and communities, promoting RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). Operating on a consensus basis, RSPO ensures inclusive stakeholder engagement across the supply chain, emphasizing shared responsibility in making the palm oil sector sustainable.

H:2.3" xØ:2.5"

Weight: .25 lbs

Made in Japan


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