August 24, 2023

5 Refreshes for the Upcoming Fall Season

5 Refreshes for the Upcoming Fall Season

It may be sweltering outside, but Fall will be here before we know it - thank goodness!  Take a look at our five tips for refreshing your home for the upcoming season.  Just getting your home ready will make you feel just a little cooler inside.

1) Happy Harvest!

Growing up, my mother always filled bowls with fresh fruit and each made such a beautiful statement in our home’s décor. My dad, brother and myself always knew that the fruit in the bowls was solely for looks and NOT for eating! I fondly remember in junior high school having a friend over to spend the night and him taking one of the apples my mom had perfectly arranged in the bowl…I thought she was going to cry!

I’ve inherited this trait from her and now I love to fill decorative bowls with fruit congruent to the season. Nothing says summer quite like a bowl of fresh peaches in the kitchen, yet now that we are heading into fall, it’s time to swap those out for more autumnal offerings. 

Oranges lend a beautiful scent throughout the home and a pop of orange is always a welcome addition for a splash of color, they particularly look beautiful styled in a handmade bowl in an earth-toned glaze. Once your oranges have seen better days, instead of tossing them out make a seasonal garland of dried orange slices which works beautifully through fall and into winter.

Of course, apples are the obvious choice for fall, and what goes better with classic blue and white chinoiserie than a punch of green? Green apples make such a beautiful statement and lend ‘witchy’ vibes for those wanting to add a dash of Halloween. It’s such a classic look and perfect for this upcoming season. As an added benefit, apples also provide a great fragrance evocative of the season. After their moment in the bowl, use the apple slices in a stovetop simmer pot alongside cinnamon sticks for a truly seasonal scent! 

No matter the season, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful bowl filled with fruit in the center of a dining table or counter of a kitchen!

2) New Season, New Napkins

I’m a firm believer that cloth napkins shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, alongside a nice candle, expensive perfume, or fine china! Using cloth napkins not only saves money and reduces waste, but it adds a little panache to our everyday dining experience. Even simple meals deserve an elevated touch (again, light that special candle!). 

With a new season upon us, it’s time to swap your brightly colored and patterned napkins for more moody, seasonal styles, or even versatile neutrals. Rich tones of burgundy and earthy greens shine beautifully and don’t shy away from a bold pattern that makes a statement on even the simplest of tables. Warm neutrals are great for everyday use but also pair perfectly with a statement tablecloth. Table linens are such an easy way to help shepherd in the new season, and the more your collection grows, the more you’ll seamlessly become the ‘host with the most.’

3) The Power of Pillows

I know I say this all the time, but the easiest way to quickly change the look and feel of a room is to swap out your decorative pillows. Much like table linens, our decorative pillows, and their aesthetic often follows a seasonal order. In summer we lean towards bright colors and punchy patterns, with fabrics that read “cooler” like linens or crisp cotton. 

When cooler temperatures start knocking at the door, I swap the vibrant summer shades for styles in darker colors and luxe fabrics with plentiful textures like velvet and mohair. Obviously, all of which you can easily imagine are present when curling up by the fire with a good book. For a quick seasonal switch, our Luberon Print Pillow, Chessford Pillow, and Boscage Pillow deliver just that.  

For accessorizing with throw pillows, what is more ‘fall’ than the elusive and nocturnal owl, which you can have in petite pillow form here! It’s also important to consider what your overall decor aesthetic is, as you will most likely not be redecorating each season. If you’re more coastal or transitional, swap out baby blues for rich indigo or deep grey blues. Maximalist, preppy interiors can swap from fuschia and bright green to scenes of lilac and red. Fall also presents new seasonal scenes, which I love in this Nympheus Pillow. The possibilities are endless, but pillows make a seasonal refresh easy and seamless as we head into fall.


4) Tray Chic 

The change of seasons also presents a great time (or excuse) to refresh the tablescape of your cocktail table! If you’ve watched my videos showing my own cocktail tables, you know that in terms of accessories, more is more in my opinion. 

One item that always sets the foundation for a great cocktail table is a stunning tray. The table in our den is decorated with scented candles and bowls of matches and matchstrikes, the tray is the stylish element that keeps it from seeming unorganized! Since I love candles and frequently like to rotate scents, we often keep two to three on the table at any given time. A tray will always be the grounding element for your ‘organized chaos’ (I heard they’re calling it cluttercore now). 

I also love a stack of books on a tray or even a dish or bowl. This antique Tole Tray is giving me all of the lush, dark academia vibes for fall and presents a stunning artistic touch! A lovely rattan tray works no matter the season and makes a beautiful base for adding candles and decorative objects in seasonal shades of burgundy and burnt orange. The Corgin Tray possesses a geometric motif in a classic black and white design that can easily be transitioned no matter the season, making it a lovely addition to a cocktail table or ottoman.


5) Cuddle Up & Get Lit!

I think what makes this season such a fan-favorite is that it allows us time to rest, reflect, cozy up and retreat! Once the temperatures drop below 70, I’m often found lighting every candle in my house and pulling all of my cozy, thick throws out of storage! They call it ‘cozy season’ for a reason, so I often think about what feels cozy and what recreates the aesthetic of rainy days, wool socks, a crackling fireplace, leaves of autumn tumbling down and your favorite sweater out of storage! There’s no better way to capture that mood than by lighting countless candles and cozying up with your favorite throw blanket. 

It’s no secret that I love quilts of all styles; from antique homespun patchworks to more contemporary styles. Our recently released quilted throws are the perfect amount of weight and comfort, with a chic design that looks just as good draped on the couch as it does when cuddled up. For a versatile quilt that can work as a throw or atop a guest bed, Nell, it’s the perfect size to cozy up with or use with a fluffy duvet.

The next step to your ‘cozy season’ routine is incorporating mood lighting into your home. I love spotlights for plants that provide upwards lighting, candle warmers with a nice, soft glow, and of course, seasonal candles to evoke autumn aromatics. A great way to layer your candles for the perfect fall effect includes incorporating taper candles on your coffee table or atop a bookshelf, balancing the height with an adjacent seasonal candle, and throwing one other candle in that has a beautiful aesthetic

Your next step, turn on your fall movie of choice and soak in all the vibes of the season! Who else is now SO excited for fall?