October 04, 2023

Spooktacularly Stylish Halloween Decor

Spooktacularly Stylish Halloween Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well…for those who prefer all things spooky with a side of  ghosts, ghouls and goblins! Halloween ushers in the first spark of creativity for the holiday decorating season ahead and is the perfect time to rekindle your inner child (or witch). 

Hunt & Bloom happily offers a menagerie of spooky AND stylish decor that will enchant your imagination this Halloween! Keep reading to discover which pieces are my favorite alongside tips and tricks for nailing this year’s decorations.

Garlands & Candy Bowls

Garlands are perfect (and so easy) to drape across the mantle, kitchen window, or a covered front porch! Our gorgeous black and white Pumps Garland contrasts beautifully in a neutral or eclectic interior or meshes seamlessly with autumnal colors of orange and maroon. 

Guests will certainly be saying ‘boo’ with this ghostly front door theme including our Casper Wreath. Above the front door, hang together orange string lights with our Boo Ghost Ceramic Garland for a coordinated, yet spooktacular mix. 

Once your Trick-R-Treaters arrive, make sure to show them you’re the most stylish on the block with a delightfully cute candy bucket. Even when it’s not Halloween night, I love these candy buckets as a decorative piece on the kitchen island (mostly so I can sneakily eat the candy I bought for the trick-treaters)! 


Spooky Street Village

Meet the Christmas Village’s strange cousin: Spooky Street. Here, bats perch atop cupolas as witches launch off their roofs to ride broomsticks beneath the full moon. Our assortment of papier mache haunted houses; including Batty Haunted Cottage, Batty Haunted House and Witchy Witch House make the perfect residences for your Spooky Street! 

For a solid foundation, spray paint artificial snow fluorescent green, dark purple or black, then weave battery-powered fairy lights throughout. Pair in miniature ghost decorations or character figurines from your favorite Halloween movie - like Beetlejuice or Nightmare Before Christmas - to serve as townspeople. Large pumpkins, candelabras, and both small and large skeletons begin to craft a story of the strange occurrences of Spooky Street. 

Much like the iconic Christmas village, our haunted houses are a delightful way to tell a story that you can build onto year after year.

Pumpkins & More

I don’t know about you, but the holidays call for a complete overhaul of my seasonal decor! An assortment of ceramic and aluminum pumpkins in various heights, widths and design styles make for a lovely mishmash to bring the autumn vibe to life. 

I love to layer pumpkins at the hearth or atop the mantle complemented by tall vases filled with autumnal leaves and fresh greens. Our fun terrariums add a dash of decor. I love these propped on a coffee table book and could see an otherworldly air plant finding a happy home in our Leggy Terrarium

Of course, you need the soft glow of candlelight, too. A gorgeous mix of taper candles serves up just the right amount of enchantment alongside celestial pumpkins aglow with tea lights. Get creative with your candle holders, too. Our Rocky Baroque candlesticks feel otherworldly as if they belong in a mystical library. Or - opt for classic vintage brass candlesticks. Don’t forget to light it all up with our Skelly Cloche matcholder!