November 19, 2023

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Gifting season is here, and you know what that means: Deciding what to gift those special people in your life! I love the process of picking out the perfect gift, especially when it feels curated and personal to the one receiving it. Of course, everyone has different preferences, aesthetics and interests. That’s why this year, I’m starting my gift list with a foolproof guide fit for every kind of person in your life. 

Does your Aunt Marge have everything she could ever ask for? Does your mom tell you her gift will be ‘the whole family home for the holidays?’ Are you majorly unsure what to get your child’s teacher? Don’t fret - Hunt & Bloom is here to help. 

For the Acquaintance 

Sure, you might not know them that well, but if you’re giving them a gift, chances are they are in your orbit! This could be your child’s teacher, your neighbor, your dogsitter, even a family friend you only see during the holiday season. These crowd-approved gifts give the essence you are a master at the craft of remembering sentimental details. 

Our wide assortment of tea towels adds the perfect, personalized touch. Just try to remember - do they like a forest-woodland theme, are they into owls, or maybe it’s elephants? You also can’t go wrong with a simple ‘Happy Holidays, Y’all’ 

Who doesn’t love a personalized notepad? This is perfect for the teacher (or type-A) in your life!

As a collector of mugs myself, you really can never go wrong when gifting a mug. Even if they’re not a coffee or tea drinker, mugs make the perfect holder for pens and pencils, too!

For White Elephant or the Holiday Office Party

I don’t know why, but giving Holiday-themed gifts has always felt like a win when it comes to white elephant or the annual Secret Santa at the office. Of course, Karen in HR would love a dazzling ornament, or Jim from Marketing is going to regift that Christmas candle to his in-laws. Random, yet somewhat themed gifts, seem to just make sense for this section! 

Tipsy Santa is sure to get a good laugh! I have to admit, I’d fight over this one during white elephant. 

The Smell of Christmas Candle. If you don’t love the smell of fresh evergreens, citrus and spice, and woodsy pine - who are you? You can never go wrong when gifting this hand-poured candle.  

Our glass trees have been flying off the shelf all season and this lovely decoration is the perfect addition to anyone’s holiday aesthetic. 

For the Hostess 

Your Martha Stewart in training does not need any more casserole dishes, I can promise you that! Yet what can you get the hostess with the mostess that shows you know what’s in for the dinner party darling? The best hostesses have been refining their collection for years and are more than acquainted with the top brands (and their lore) like Spode and Bordallo Pinheiro. Why not add to their collection? Or, help them set the table. 

Perhaps the most iconic Bordallo Pinheiro design is the cabbage. I love this Cabbage Platter as it sits beautifully on the shelf when not in use and will seamlessly complement an already expansive collection. If you want to go more niche, their pitchers are the perfect in-the-know gift.

Cabbage Oval Platter 15" Green

Oyster plates are an unexpected gift with ample wow factor. Again, the hostess is not only focused on how beautifully her dinner parties will turn out, but she also cares about how her hutch will be decorated for each season. Oyster plates arthe perfect solution to both. 


Set the table with a cheeky cocktail napkin or think ahead with this Cabana Tablecloth, as I can promise you, the hostess is already mentally planning her Galentines tablescape.

For the Foodie 

What is a better gift for the foodie than something that says, “Thank you for your service, now please keep volunteering to cook for everything.” When gifting, we want to encourage their craft, and complement it!  

Any foodie knows to ‘clean as you go,’ and a stylish spoon rest will help keep the counter spot-free! 

After preparing a five-course meal, the last thing your foodie wants to do is figure out how to serve it to guests! Salad hands lend the perfect solution to leafy greens - or pasta!   

To combine seasonality with a love of culinary creations - these Vietri Old St. Nick bakers are so delightful and showcase Santa hard at work in the kitchen.  

For the One You’re Overthinking

Even if we know someone very well, the process of picking out the perfect gift can seem daunting. Your mom might have every nook and cranny already filled with tchotchkes, and you don’t know what to gift the Gen Z or millennials in your family without seeming dated. And there’s always the family member who is (how do we say) pretentious. There will be no anxiety when the wrapping paper comes off this year. 

Any Gen-Z or self-identifying grandmillennial will immediately fawn over our Pink Preppy Dalmatians. Needlepoint pillows are another TikTok-worthy gift, and I think we have all related to this one from time to time.

Pink Preppy Dalmatians, Pair

Even if the maximalist has every bookshelf and spot table filled to the brim - do you know where they most likely haven’t hit yet? The top of their lamp! Lamp finials are an elegant solution and add the most personalized touch to any room. 

Your pretentious aunt Muffy might appreciate the finer things, but chances are Muffy also loves collecting obscure objets d’art! Both our Museum Bees and Wolfe Studio Pottery pieces make fabulous gifts with a backstory you can tell to Muffy as she opens her gift.