December 06, 2022

Hunt & Bloom's Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Hunt & Bloom's Holiday Gift Guide 2022

We are excited to share with you our top ten holiday gifts this year.  It's always so hard to choose the best of the best.  This list has a little something for everyone and includes nods to function along with frivolity.  Shopping links included with each pick.  Enjoy!

For the Reader:  Deer Creek Drive by Beverly Lowry

 This hard to believe true tale of murder and family greed takes place in Leland, MS, a small suburb of Greenville in the Mississippi Delta. SEMI SPOILER ALERT: In the small town in the 1940s, an affluent socialite is found murdered in her home. The book gives an in-depth account of the investigation, trial and aftermath and is filled with unbelievable twists and turns. A couple that stood out for me: convicted felons being able to take “hiatuses” from their prison sentences and sequestered jurors being provided lodging not in a local hotel but… on cots in the courtroom!

For the Tchotchke LoverVintage Kashmiri Boxes from Hunt & Bloom

These little hand painted papier-mâché boxes have been a part of my life since childhood. My grandparents always had them peppered about their home and we had them in the home I grew up in as well. I love the different motifs and vibrant colors of these little works of art from the Kashmiri region of India. These make perfect stocking stuffers.

For the LoungerSeersucker Guayarobe from Hotel Emma, San Antonio

Readjusting to a more tropical climate after moving to Houston from New York has been much easier since we discovered this great lightweight robe. I know technically seersucker should be reserved for the period between Easter and Labor Day but I use this functional piece year round. These unisex robes are hand made in San Antonio by Las Carolinas exclusively for Hotel Emma.

For the Bubbly Lover: Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru by Billecart-Salmon

If you know me you know I love bubbles. If you’re heading to a holiday party, take your host a bottle of this delicious treat from Billecart-Salmon, the over 200 year old champagne house in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. This is my favorite champagne, and I much prefer it over Veuve Cliquot. After receiving a bottle of this your host will invite you to ALL cocktail parties going forward.

For the Impossible to Buy For: Hunt & Bloom Gift Card

There is always at least one person in your life that is just impossible to buy for. They have everything. You don’t know what they like and what they don’t like. The solution? A Hunt & Bloom digital gift card delivered straight to the inbox of the recipient. They never expire and you can schedule them to send on any date you choose.

For the One Who Chooses Function Over Frills: iPhone or Android Chargers

I know, this is a little bit of a lackluster gift idea but I was thinking about this the other day. I wondered what a gift could be that you could give someone that wouldn’t necessarily be full of fanfare but would certainly be something that could be USED and NEEDED. Then I thought of phone chargers. Let’s be honest. Who DOESN’T need a phone charger? Is there anyone you would give a phone charger to that would say, “Oh gosh, thanks but I really have too many chargers.” Personally, I just left for a trip and forgot my charger, which is plugged into the living room wall. I would love for someone to give me a couple extras just to have on hand! One caveat – make sure you know what kind of device the recipient has!

For the Shucker:  Vintage and Antique Oyster Plates from Hunt & Bloom

I love raw oysters and all the accoutrements that come along with them (I could eat cocktail sauce on its own but also am partial to mignonette). I also love the oyster plates of all styles from simple and elegant to colorful and full of whimsy. Whether for utilitarian or decorative use, these chic pieces are sure to bring holiday cheer to all who receive them.

Also for the Shucker: Bronze Oyster Knife by Reed Smythe & Company

If you're going with a vintage or antique oyster plate, why not also give one of these beautiful artisanal oyster knives from Reed Smythe & Company based in Nashville?  Sculpted in wax by Ashley Pridmore of New Orleans and then cast in high polished bronze, this beautiful knife is also equally as beautiful as it is useful.

For the Products Junkie: Indie Lee CoQ-10 Spray Toner

I’m not alone in my love for skincare and skincare products. Of the million different products I use, Indie Lee's CoQ-10 spray toner has been a staple in my arsenal for years. I came to know of Indie Lee about ten years ago when I was working for a small start up in New York that sold independent brands, and Indie was just launching her skincare line. This spray is so refreshing and moisturizing and gentle for sensitive skin like mine. It also makes a great aftershave and has no burn!

For the Foodie: Caroline’s Cakes Southern Cheese Biscuits

Cheese straws or cheese biscuits are a holiday requisite in my family and have been for as long as I can remember.  My most favorite cheese straw came from a now closed bakery in Leland, MS, called Connie's Kitchen. They literally would melt in your mouth (from copious amounts of butter, I'm sure).  Obviously homemade is best, but if you’re looking for a good store-bought alternative, Caroline’s Cakes from Charleston makes scrumptious cheese biscuits. Their signature red tin makes gift giving easy will be received with joy.